Friday, May 7, 2010

Marilyn Minter is The Very Best

Marilyn Minter has been a favorite of mine for a lonnnngass time and I can't believe I've never posted about her before now! I did a big long report on her for my Contemporary Photo class months ago and must've just gotten a little burnt out on her and neglected to share her with the rest of the fine world. Anywhoo, she's a badass photographer/photo-realistic painter who takes sexy, dirty, vibrant pictures of all kinds of glitter and goo emitting out of model's mouths.

Most of these are from her most recent series, Green Pink Caviar, which was also a short film that was screened in Times Square last year. Marilyn does an incredible job of mixing the beautiful with the grotesque and oftentimes you can't tell what's a photo and what's been painted. She shows at the Salon 94 Gallery in New York.

From Food Porn series in the 90's

Also check out Green Pink Caviar being screened during Madonna's most recent Hard Candy tour. Such a perfect collaboration:

See more work HERE.

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