Saturday, May 30, 2009

Wavves Failles

The pretentious internets are abuzz due to the downfall of Wavves. If you don't feel like reading the extremely entertaining P4K article recapping the "meltdown" Nathan exhibited onstage at the Primavera Sound Fest in Spain, here's a quick recap: Bassssically Nathan was a (presumably drugged out) dick on stage, strumming his guitar aimlessly for 30-or so minutes, mocking the audience, being a shit, and eventually his drummer got fed up, poured a beer on Nathan's head, and stormed off.  Can't say I'm not extremely amused-- it would be pretty fuckin 2K if Wavves ended as fast as it/he started.  For me, this kind of stands as an ultimate testament/example of what can happen when the H-word gets the best of a band (Hype, for the non-smarts).  

I feel like this is pretty interesting... because Pitchfork definitely got the hypeball rolling for Wavves and, as is currently being exhibited, are just as quick to end it.  Ryan Schreiber's grueling recount of what went down at Primavera is enough to make any Wavves fan slightly embarrassed at such immature/sad behavior, and make any Wavves hater bask in the awesome glory of being "right all along".  

Will Wavves bounce back from the humiliation? For me, a proclaimed Wavves fan, it makes it a hell of a lot harder to have appreciation for such an obvious shithead. I'll still find his music catchy as fuck, cuz no amount of drama can really change that sort of mindset, if you ask me.  However, I expect a HUGE backlash. We'll see!

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