Monday, July 25, 2011


Hot as balls out there ain't it? At least it is here in NY-Skeezy, so my girl Katie Pizza and I, Siggy Pop, made a heatwave playlist in the middle of a sweltering, alcohol-induced Friday night/Saturday morning delirium. You will see that the criteria for this list was quite simple-- the songs need to have either the words "Hot" or "Heat" in the title (Hot Hot Heat was disqualified for being "too 2002", although Hot in Herre was obviously not). But apparently we're accidental playlist masters cuz this shit is the perfect summer hotmix... which is why I'm posting it on my digital graveyard of a blog that I haven't updated in like six months-- IT'S THAT GOOD!

Here's what kind of magic you're getting into:

Here's where you can get it!:
Hot Freaks, Hotwax, Hot Pants, Hot Stuff, Hot Boyz, Hot Poop, Hot and Cold Skulls... what more could you even want in a hotmix.. or in anything at all ?? (maybe not the poop but whatever it's Zappa) ?? This jaunt is lit-rally too hot to handle, so stop reading and go get some ya hott mess!

"Dude I'm so hot this mix is so good" - Lohanistan

Friday, December 31, 2010

Vintage Dance Parties to Inspire Yr New Yearz

Hey Happy New Years Eve! I love this day cuz it's all about champagne and confetti and dressing up and having fun and thinking about the past and the future and all that jazz. Here's a few inspirational videos from dance parties of yore to get you revved up and ready for the big night. And hey, even if yr big night involves sitting in your parents basement watching the Snooki drop or Andy Cohen's campy wig drop party on Bravo or god forbid, Ryan Seacrest's little shitshow-- HAVE A GOOD ONE. (This is really all just an excuse to post vintage clips of dance parties, but seriously, have a good one.)

Classic New Years Eve party from 1980/81:

This 90's dance party public access show is really, really dope. What I wouldn't give to have been there.. or rather, I'd like to take a time machine and have my NOW-self be there:

And we really cannot forget Will 2K, possibly one of the greatest music videos ever, and DEFINITELY the greatest New Years song of all time. Will's getting all geared up for the new millennium (who WASN'T freaking out about Y2K?) and he's got a time machine and they go to the 20's, the 70's and the 80's, then things start glitching, decades are intersecting, and then they go to the FUTURE and Will's a robot man and there are dancing orbs and the whole thing's just a futuristic romp of good times.

See y'all suckas next year!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Video Supplement to the Best/Worst Music of 2010 Post:

DJ Earworm just made a mashup of all the biggest pop songs of 2010 and it is such a nice, perfect compliment to everything I just wrote about yesterday. If you're too ADD to sit down and watch every GD video you can basically just watch this and get the gist of the state of popular jamz in the era of us. But you should defffff still go read all the shit I have to say about it, wink wink, duh duh. Plus, it's the closest Train will ever get to making an appearance on this blog, so they can thank their lucky stars for the gift of mashups, cuz lord knows they need more exposure. A bunch of Dr. Lukians made up the majority of this jaunt which only proves my theories of world domination. 2011 will undoubtedly serve more opportunities to make fun of her, and everything else.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I Got A Lil' Feature on I Heart Photograph!

Signe Pierce - Sad Girls Club, 2010

WHOOP WHOOP! Check it out, my work's being shown on I Heart Photograph today! This is a total honor as IHP is probably my all time fave photo blog. It features some of my work from the past year, along with two new pieces. The Glitz Pageant girl and the Sad Girls Club ladies are from my newest series, Role Modelz, which is exploring negative female stereotypes in the pop world and the effect it's having on culture (a topic we've delved into more than a few times on this-here bloggo). There's a lot more to come and if you like the work check out my personal blog HERE.

I can thank Bobby Doherty for this, as he is guest contributing for the week. Bobby is one of the most talented people I know, and it would be silly stupid of you to not check out his work. He's a master, and someone to look out for. Check out his work HERE.

As for the state of Spunky, I'm gonna do a year-end review in the next week to make up for all the fun things we didn't get to talk about during my frenzied second-to-last semester of college. I miss this blog so much I can't wait to talk about all the fun shit!!

I'll leave you with this bullshit, as it is a readymade counterpart to my work:

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Umm Are You KIDDING Me Betsey Johnson?!

BJ's new collection is a pop fashionista's dream come true. I am actually salivating at the mouth looking at these candy coated flouncy dresses. Betsey has always been the spunky girl's go-to designer as she isn't afraid to fuck with you a little bit (hello, "Ride Me" necklaces?), and the Spring 2011 collection shown today at New York Fashion Week takes it to a whole new level. These dresses are as though Kelly Kapowski were going to a Quinceanara on a rainbow. Somebody call the doctor, I just contracted a fevah!

Also fucking lovvvving the green and pink makeup pallette:

Love you Betsey, foreverandeverandever.

Photos via NY Mag

Monday, September 13, 2010

Spunky Ass Fashion: Kidear Youman's Eyewear Will Melt Your Damn Face Off

I had the severe pleasure of attending up-and-coming eyewear designer Kidear Youman's first show last night at Gallery Bar in Lower East Side, and shit was HOT! Kidear makes ritzy, glitzy things to decorate your face with that let everyone know you're the most badass bitch in the room. Sure, they may impair your vision more than they will help it, but when was avante-garde fashion ever practical? Right, never. Feast your eyes on some of his magical creations.. this is the shit Nicki Minaj's dreams are made of:

Kidear in his fabulous post-show haze

WANT those clear glasses with my prescription in 'em, shitdamn.

The fancy Ms. Marie Driven

If yr impressed you can check out Kidear's website and order your ass a pair. Get em while they're fresh, you'll be regretting it when they're thousands and thousands of dollars in a few years from now and the only person that can score a pair is Mz. Gaga herself and you'll be like HAHA SUCKAS!!

Photos courtesy of yrs truly, Signe Pierce